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This is a Blog post dedicated to sharing products we normal use but don’t have the ability to carry. Whether it be that the in-store demand is to low or we can’t find a local distributor.

Brush Care

This Washout pot is great for your brushes.

Brush Soap is a must.

Brush Drying stand

Feel free to pick up any of the paint brushes we sell on our website.

Tiny Potion Bottles

If you’re interested in learning how to make these check out our YouTube channel.

For a link on where to get Beads for making these little bottles. Smaller beads: Larger Beads:

Fantasy display base.

Our most recent tutorial we mentioned server products we don’t carry in store so here is how and where to get them.

As for products we do carry in Store you can get those here.

Weathering Pigments

Check out our YouTube channel for a full tutorial.