Wild West Exodus

Wild West Exodus

In Wild West Exodus, two players take control of blazing gunfighters, mighty machines, supernatural warriors, and devious commanders. The player who destroys all of their opponent’s models or achieves their adventure objectives wins the game.

The Game is relatively strait forward, draw and action card, the player with the higher initiative places a model first and then the players go back and forth until all units are on the table. Then draw adventure cards, these are used to help the players achieve victory points.

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Next Draw from the action Deck to determine the maximum amount of actions your models can perform. Players go back and forth activating units and spending actions equal to there action deck card and then repeat at the start of the next turn. This game scales insanely well due to the range of units and can finally help you settle some old augments about who would win in a fight?

Unit types can be described as one of there things…

Bosses in Wild West Exodus come in all shapes and sizes. In addition to being amongst the most powerful units in the game, Bosses provide certain benefits or additional abilities to the units under their command. You must include a Boss in your Force and they must have the Trait of the Faction you have chosen to play.

Faces are characters with their own stories and motivations, they are friends, allies or henchmen who support a Boss. Faces have powerful abilities and are usually more capable than Hands or Support units.

Finally Hands, The nameless men, women and monsters who make up the bulk of a Posse. Usually organised into units of multiple models, hands are thought of as the hardest working (and most underestimated) group of units. Hands can spend Fortune though do not generate it. When adding hands to your Posse you are often able to take additional weapons and increase the number of models in the unit.

More advanced units such as Support Are not required but can be used to aid your troops. The big guns, mighty machines and esoteric monstrosities of the West. Support units can spend Fortune though usually do not generate it. Some support units (as well as some Hands units) have the MACHINE trait. This means that they can move and fire Heavy weapons more easily than other units. Some Support units may also have the VEHICLE trait.

Shrines, Totems, Civilians, boobytraps, many things effect the battle field in Wild West exodus not all of them are friendly to your faction. The battlefield is an ever changing place weather your interested in narrative play or skirmish based games this steam punk game is for you.

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