FFG-SWL01 Star Wars: Legion-core set

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  • 33 highly detailed miniatures and eight barricades draw you into the Star Wars universe.
  • Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader each pose with lightsabers drawn, ready to duel each other or anyone unlucky enough to cross their path. These miniatures are found exclusively in the Core Set.

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Star Wars: Legion invites you to enter the ground battles of the Galactic Civil War.  Lets you command a unique army of miniatures filled with troopers, powerful ground or repulsor vehicles, and famous characters like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker. While character movements simulate the fog of war and the chaos of battle, the game’s unpainted, easily assembled minis give you the opportunity to create the Star Wars army you’ve always wanted to lead into battle—whether you fight for the monolithic, oppressive Galactic Empire or the ragtag Rebel Alliance.

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