Painting Service

Our expertise at your service!

Your time is limited and valuable, so let us help.

Our staff has over 16 years of combined painting experience to draw on.  Perhaps a book you read or a movie you watched inspires your next commission.  Perhaps you need more provocative miniatures for your next RPG campaign.  Or, this is a product entirely of your imagination?

We want to ensure your happiness with the final product- we will not ship the product until you have approved it.

Please note: commission quotes are based on an original request of the commission if you change your mind mid-way through a commission; the price is subject to change to match the labor involved.

Extra special?

Want something extra special and your not quite sure how to classify that in our pricing guide?  We will be happy to work with you to come up with a quote that works for your budget. If you’re purchasing the models from us please feel free to add the “In-House Painting Service” to your cart so we know to hold the order and contact you.

It’s as simple as filling out our basic “Painting Commission” form here.

How we bill

For large Commissions such as imperial knights and Dragons, we may require half of the payment up front to cover the cost of materials.

Water slide decals will not be used unless requested, and any free-hand work that is requested is subject to an additional charge.

We will conduct billing over the phone near the end of the commission once you have approved the final project. Please note that if you change your mind about something major to do with the commission – say you wish to change the base or main colors – the price is subject to change to match the work involved with a  change.  We may need to strip the model and start over.

How long does it take?

Please note: not all commissions are started on the day they are received and depending on how many commissions are currently being processed it may take a day or two before we start on yours. Commissions are processed in the order they are received.


We have different levels of painting services available and prices are based on an individual model. Basing is priced separately. Please Feel free to contact us to discuss your project.

  1. Tournament Standard.  This is a Simple 3 color minimal paint scheme with one level of highlighting and a single wash.
  2. TableTop Standard.  Clean base coats and 1-2 levels of highlighting as well as washes and glazes. this level includes more detail work such as lenses and faces.
  3. TableTop Plus.  The same as TableTop Standard but with weathering powders and lighting effects.
  4. Display.  We highly recommend you save this for the centerpiece of your army, this comes with everything seen before and more. We also throw in a display quality base at no additional charge. Prices will vary depending on the size of the model and will need to be evaluated individually.

For more examples of our work please feel free to check out our Gallery page.

Dark Eldar, “tabletop plus”
Blume is an option that is available to the “tabletop plus” level and it really makes an impact.

“tabletop plus”